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Cleaning Up After A Disaster

A few years ago, I came home to a complete disaster. I stepped inside my front door, and I instantly knew that something was wrong. My entire house smelled like mold, and as I made my way down the basement stairs, I knew why. I realized that my water heater had flooded while I was on a business trip, and my entire house was flooded. I was devastated, but I called the right person for help --my dad told me to contact a team of damage contractors, who came to resolve the situation. When they arrived, I was amazed to see how quickly they snapped into action. Read more of my page to learn how you might be able to recover from unfortunate situations.


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Hire An Experienced Foreclosure Clean Out Company To Make Your Homes Presentable For Buyers

Cleaning out foreclosed property can be a challenge, especially if the home has been vacant for a long time before the work begins. There may be no utilities to the house which further complicates the cleanup process. However, making the house presentable is important for eventually getting a sale, so it's necessary to clean it out when possible. Here are some things you may want the cleaning crew to do.

Haul Off Trash Left Behind

When someone vacates a foreclosure, they usually aren't too happy about it and that increases the chance they'll leave the place in a mess. The home might have a lot of furniture, personal belongings, trash, and even food in a refrigerator that's gone bad. The first step in a foreclosure cleanup is to remove everything from the house and take it to the dump or recycling center. Once that chore is done, cleaning up the home can begin.

Repair Damage Done To The Home

While you probably don't want to invest money in repairs on a foreclosed house, you may need to fix certain types of damage such as graffiti and doors that are off the hinges so the home can be locked securely. If the previous owner couldn't keep up with the mortgage, they probably didn't have money for repairs so the home could be in bad condition. Plus, the owners may have vandalized the place out of revenge or intruders might have gotten in and caused damage. Decide what has to be repaired as part of the clean out process and what will be left alone so the cleaning crew knows how to proceed.

Deal With Toxic Materials

If the home has been vacant for some time, rodents, raccoons, stray cats, or even homeless humans could be living in it and creating a toxic situation. Plus, food and trash left behind could be rotted with mold everywhere. Dealing with toxic materials is essential before the home can be shown to potential buyers. This includes removing the mold, dead animals, and droppings as well as sanitizing the house and neutralizing odors left behind.

Clean The House

In the best case scenario, the only work the foreclosed home will need is a thorough house cleaning that includes vacuuming, washing floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and shining the kitchen. If the home is in bad shape, then once all the debris is gone, it should still be cleaned as best possible for sanitary reasons and to make it safe for viewing.

Cleaning out foreclosed homes can be very different from general housecleaning, so working with a company that has experience with foreclosure clean out is essential because you never know what condition the home will be in and you need a company that can deal with anything.